Friday, March 20, 2015


It's my birthday and I generally think it's tacky to call attention to that, but Facebook always has, and I think there are extenuating circumstances here. Like, this is the first birthday that I legitimately beat some medical odds to make it to. And, not only am I alive and breathing; I am LIVING happily and healthfully with my most beautiful family in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am in love with my husband, and thanks to His Supernatural intervention in my heart, I am more in love with Jesus today than I was a year ago.
Today was the first time I've articulated to the kids how serious my sickness was, and that today is a gift that we don't take for granted. I'm on my way to celebrate with friends I love, and I don't take them for granted either, because we were strangers a year ago - except for my dearest Thompsons, and this is my first birthday to celebrate with even them.
This is also a day I miss my loved ones in the States. GiGi's cupcakes and Los Mariachis and trashy television is how we'd probably be celebrating.
I have to confess some insecurities at crossing the hump into the second half of my thirties, but I hereby resolve to never grumble about getting old - and maybe I'll even stop pulling out my grays.
xoxo - go enjoy a cupcake that is dwarfed by its frosting for me!