Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day of Prayer - Bragging on my wife!

There are very few days, if any that go by where I am not overwhelmed with God's literal goodness to us, as I consider the state of Susie's brain, and how well she is doing.  Many of those times are sparked by the normal things in life.  Watching Susie cook dinner, watching her read with the kids, watching her do Talya and Annie's hair, watching her workout.  Normal, everyday moments that I am completely thankful for because I wasn't sure we would ever have normal again.  Then there are extra special, extraordinary moments that we experience that trigger being overrun by God's goodness and grace.

This morning and afternoon would fit into the extraordinary.  Two times a year the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ International joins together for our Day of Prayer around the world.  Today was our Day of Prayer.  Once every two years, Athletes in Action staff gather in the Spring for a few days of meetings.  Some of the people who have shaped who we are are counted in this group.  Today marked the first day of our Springboard meetings.  Two times a year the Global Leadership Council (GLC) gathers together.  These men and women are some of my heroes and I will count it a pure joy to have served them.  Today marked the first day the GLC was together.  What an absolutely special day it has been. 

Susie was responsible for designing, leading and executing our Day of Prayer today.  Trying to organize 300 plus people to pray for the whole day is no small task, especially when they haven't seen each other in awhile.  Watching her brain at work in the days leading up to today was an overwhelming source of grace for me.  The designs, the patterns, the colors, the thoughts all coming together was a true form of artistry.  Watching her creativity come alive is a beautiful thing.  I would count creativity as one of her top 3 gifts.  I only hope you have the joy of experiencing it some day.  Watching her do what she does best for a large group - unleashing her creativity so others can enjoy a time of gathering - brings me significant joy.  

As we were in the big room, surrounded by 300 plus people,  I just kept thinking to myself, "Thank you Abba."  Two years ago at our Springboard meetings we were dealing with devastating news of Susie's tumor and prognosis.  Two years later, Susie Thomas' brain was working as it should, unleashing all sorts of creative ways to pray for our AIA and CRU families worldwide.  To me, this will never, ever stop feeling extraordinary.  Thankful for God's grace, mercy and love.