About Us

From AIA to Kigali International Community School with Cru.

We joined staff with Cru in 2002, after Ben’s graduation from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. We were drawn to the ministry through an Athletes in Action short-term basketball trip Ben took to Kazakhstan, and so began our AIA journey in the basketball ministry. We served with AIA for 12 years, primarily in the Global department. 

In 2012, Susie was diagnosed with brain cancer, which God used to redirect our path of ministry. Ben had been leading AIA's global ministry efforts, which required a lot of travel that was no longer possible. After a lot of prayer and waiting, God led Ben to lead Kigali International Community School - a Christian K-12 school in Kigali Rwanda. We are thrilled to be living in Rwanda, and thankful that a change in assignment did not mean we had to leave Cru - we remain on staff with Cru City.

Ben is a graduate of Gordon Conwell Seminary and Hobart College. Ben recently completed a Doctor of Ministry program at Gordon Conwell Seminary in Global Christianity and World Evangelization.

Susie graduated from Taylor University in 2001. Before mothering took over most of her time, Susie served AIA in communications, event and conference planning, and graphic design. In Rwanda, she's had the opportunity to teach 6th grade Bible at KICS, and is now volunteering as the Primary Art Teacher.
The stars of the Thomas family are the four kids who are terrific in every way. 

Simon is a fourth grader who is thriving in Rwanda. He loves to read, play soccer (now called football), and wants to someday be a missionary. 

Talya is in second grade and is one of the kindest children on Earth. Since being in Rwanda, God has placed it on her heart to find a way to help children who can't go to school. She might be a teacher someday. 
Charlie, who is in Kindergarten, has a contagious smile and an infectious (though sometimes overwhelming) store of energy. He was born in Rwanda and we adopted him in 2010, and are humbled at the gift he is to us. Since starting pre-K in Rwanda, he has developed a cute Rwandan accent. 
Last is Annie, our miracle baby, who was created just before Susie's brain tumor was found. Annie survived surgery when I was 14 weeks pregnant, and made me miserable for the next 6 months, but God protected her until she was born full-term in July 2012. Since then, she has been nothing short of a dream - precious, sweet, stubborn and playful. She will be in the first Pre-K class at KICS next year.