About Us

We joined staff with Cru and Athletes in Action in 2002, after Ben’s graduation from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. We were drawn to the ministry through a short-term basketball trip Ben took to Kazakhstan, and so began our AIA journey in the basketball ministry. It wasn’t long before we felt the tug on our hearts to focus on international ministry, and given Ben’s Indian heritage, ministry to South Asia was a natural fit. 

In 2006, we moved to Bangalore, India for 14 months to train Campus Crusade staff in sports ministry. Though we have moved back home, we continue to focus on international sports ministry. For a few years, we gave leadership to AIA's Global Leadership Team and our U.S. International staff, but when Susie was disagnosed with brain cancer in 2012, we stepped away from that role and now are pursuing a move to Brazil to serve our AIA staff there.

Ben is a graduate of Gordon Conwell Seminary and Hobart College. His love of sports started early when his mom let him play soccer and roller hockey, and he went on to excel at football, basketball and lacrosse. As a college football player, he first began to see sports as a platform for ministry, and though playing football is in his past, watching it is still one of his favorite things to do. Ben recently began a Doctor of Ministry program at Gordon Conwell Seminary in Global Christianity and World Evangelization.

Though Susie once prided herself on her very small amount of basketball talent, she now avoids most sports. Before mothering took over most of her time, she served AIA as the Communications Manager. Now, she is focusing her out-of-home work on becoming a better graphic designer, and helping Ben in ministry whenever possible.

The stars of the Thomas family are the four kids who are terrific in every way. Simon will be starting 2nd grade this year and is a great student who loves sports. He is especially proud of joining the Nifty Fifty club at school this year for learning his states. Talya is a  kindergartener with the heart of an artist. There are millions of wonderful things about her, but if you meet her, what would stand out first is her beauty. Charlie, who just turned 4, has a contagious smile and an infectious (though sometimes overwhelming) store of energy. He was born in Rwanda and we adopted him in 2010, and are humbled at the gift he is to us. Last is Annie, our miracle baby, who was created just before Susie's brain tumor was found. Annie survived surgery when I was 14 weeks pregnant, and made me miserable for the next 6 months, but God protected her until she was born at full term in July 2012. Since then, she has been nothing short of a dream - precious, sweet,
sleepy, snuggly, and peaceful.

Annie, 1 year old.