Monday, July 14, 2014

It's a new day

Hi from Rwanda! We've been here a little over a week now. I wish you could have seen the giddy joy on the kids' faces when we pulled into our driveway. After a month of suitcases, sleeping on floors and sharing others' toys, they finally had a sense again of "ours." It was beautiful and fun.
Our house is great and the school had a couple of people who worked so hard to get it ready for us. They truly went above and beyond duty, as this is their summer vacation, and our house is older, thereby "quirkier." If I had known just how well they would have stocked this place, I would have stressed out less about packing. :). We were warmly received by the school family that is here for the summer, and have felt supported in the midst of our transition.

Our dear friend and one-time nanny Stephanie added a week to her busy summer travel schedule to come help us out and hang out with us. It was precious and we were sad that it could only be a week.

There's so much more to describe... Figuring out grocery stores and cooking, having a house staff and figuring out how to communicate with them, meeting new friends and trying new churches, experiencing two 4th of July events at the US embassy, driving a fav 4 a again, and the eternal hunt for crackers.

But, for now, there's today. After over two years, it's time for Ben to pack his briefcase and go to work. Actually, we need to drop him off at work :) I've truly missed seeing him do the good work that God prepared beforehand for him to do (eph 2). I grieved his resignation and longed for the day he could get back to it again. But that day is here and I'm super sad.

Please keep praying for us and join us in thanking God that we are here in Rwanda, we are loving it, and God is providing everything we need.

At least we found the pizza place :)

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