Monday, March 24, 2014

Moving to Africa Sale

 We've become a cliche - we're selling everything we own and moving to Africa. :)

Growing up, I had dozens of cousins who did this very thing and I swore I never would. I also would never be a missionary, never live in India, never hire a nanny, never consider wavering on certain theological beliefs. At one point, I would never even have children. I've learned the long way to say be careful with the word "never." I think the only thing left on my never list is homeschooling. Which, with Ben's new job, I may have bought myself a few years on that one.

Anyway, back to the cliche. We have a house full of stuff to get rid of. We love our home, and we love the stuff in it. Since we've been "moving to Brazil" for a year, we've already done a lot of purging of the stuff that we didn't like. What's left is what's hard to part with, so I personally would like to see it end up in the home of someone we know and love. Here's a link to a file on google drive that has pictures of what's going in this round with prices. I've been banned from all negotiations because I hate money, and would give everything away and then we'd have no money for setting up our new home in Rwanda. So, if you want something, you'll deal with Ben, but don't worry, he's the nicest guy I know.

Moving to Africa Sale!

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