Thursday, March 27, 2014

An epic (and maybe impossible) idea I need your help with:

Yes, you.

Ben is downstairs organizing our life into piles and boxes. We signed a contract with a realtor this morning. Our lists are long and getting longer. We are in the beginning of the process where we say goodbye to our life here.
One of the things we're attempting to do is make ways for our kids to transition well from one life to the next. Lists of places we want to eat one more time, friends we need to have sleepovers with, Ohio go-tos that we've never gone to. And, I had an idea for a gift I'd like to give them. An audio Bible. They like to listen to CDs when they go to sleep, but Talya gets nightmares from Imagination Station.
And, I was thinking, that a great audio Bible would be one not just for kids, but just for them. A great audio Bible just for them would be read by someone they know. No, someones they know. People who love them, pray for them, and have invested in their lives to help shape them into the fantastic kids they are.

But, you know what? The Bible is long. Really, really long. And if even one chapter is missing, it's just not the Bible. So, I need to enlist your help. I am asking you to help record at least one of the one thousand one hundred fifty-four chapters of the Bible. Use whatever version you'd like. Enlist the help of all the readers in your family. I'd love my kids to grow up hearing the Bible read to them by men and women and boys and girls of all ages, cultures, accents, and even languages. I want them to hear it as they're falling asleep. I want it to shape their dreams, stoke their imaginations, frame their questions, and give them something to argue about when they're old enough for facebook. :)

Would you help me with that? I have a general idea of how I can make this work, but the first thing I need is content. I've created a sign-up list that you can use to "sign up" to read chapters of the Bible. To use this list, you should not need to create an account or anything. Please find the chapter you'd like to read and click "sign up." You may sign up for as many chapters as you'd like, and really, please do.

Then, record your reading of the chapter. I do this using the voice memos app on my iphone. When I am finished, I hit the "done" button and then go to that file, click the button that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it, and select "mail." You can mail it here. That's all. Email me if you have any questions.

Maybe you do family devotions and you could spend some time reading Scripture to our family? Or maybe you don't do family devotions (no judgment here!), and you could let your kids stay up 15 minutes late to help with this? This project will take hours - combined hours of your reading and our listening. And those hours spent by hundreds of people with words that give Life, I can't help but imagine that they could change the world.

Thanks - this is a huge project, but one that if we can pull it off, will mean so much to our family. Please consider having your family help with this goodbye present?

Sign up here:
Genesis - 2 Samuel
I Kings - Psalms
Oops- forgot II Chronicles!
Proverbs - Daniel
Hosea - Malachi
New Testament

PS, there's a really good chance I've made some mistakes in setting this up. Please just let me know if you find them. I've put a lot of imagination into this, but that doesn't mean it's well planned :)


  1. this is the most beautiful thing i've heard of....will pick something tonight...

  2. Hey Ben, AMAZING IDEA. Once it is done though, is there a way others could have a copy? I am a non tekkie person in case that is a stupid question. If I can figure out that phone app. I am reading for your family.

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