Thursday, November 21, 2013

A praise and a commercial

I had an MRI last week and got the official word from my doctor today that things look stable and unchanged, which in the brain cancer world is great news! We are thankful to God for a good report. And we are thankful for medical people who have been faithful to communicate with each other and with us across networks and via email.

And now, the commercial.

We are at pre-field cross-cultural training at a place called CIT. It hasn't yet been a week, but we love it, are learning a ton, and are already confident that this experience is worth it in every way.

So. You might know or come across missionaries who are raising support and they will tell you that they need to go to training, sometimes for around two years. Often, missionaries in this situation have a hard time raising support because the American church tends to value expediency and such. My commercial is this training is important, it will be a key factor in how long they make it in the field, and if you meet any of these people, please support their effort to get adequately trained for the mission God has called them to.

And, to our supporters who have made it possible for our whole family to be here, thank you so much. More of an update later, but I'm in class and should be paying attention!


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