Thursday, September 26, 2013

chasing paper

Thanks to our faithful Brazilian friends, we have all the papers we need to apply for our visa (we think), tomorrow we're hopping a flight to DC to apply in person - hoping to shave some days off the processing time by doing it in person.

Please pray for Stephanie and the kids tomorrow. Ben's been gone all week so far at a training, so it's been chaotic anyway.

Please pray for God to smooth out the inevitable travel obstacles: delayed flights, overbooked rental cars, sick consular officers, whatever it might be that could get in the way of a smooth trip.

Please pray for favor with whomever ends up evaluating our paperwork. Because most of the documents are in Portuguese, we will have a hard time to answer questions if necessary.

We are also praying that we might get some clarity on the timeline for receiving a visa. We've heard anywhere from 2-6 months, and it would be helpful to narrow that down a tad so we can plan for school, training, moving, etc. 

Please pray for us... Ben's travel this week (no longer something we're used to) has left us both wiped out, and we have a very early start to the day tomorrow.

Thanks! We'll keep you posted!

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