Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to school special

We love our kids' school. (That being said, I'm still sad that my dream hasn't yet come true of them running into their Pop-Pop principal's office for tootsie roll pops and hugs, but you never know what could happen someday) So, even though we're disappointed that we're not in Brazil yet, it was fun to tell them that they get to go back to Bethlehem Lutheran and see their favorite teachers and friends again.

Simon is in 2nd grade, Talya is in (all-day) kindergarten and Charlie is starting his first-ever school experience with four-year-old preschool three mornings a week. The older two are in uniforms. I wish you could have seen the fury on Ben's face when we were standing in Children's Place and I told him that Talya can't wear pink. Our school has one of the most flexible and least expensive uniform policies ever, but this daddy was crushed to picture his princess in khaki and navy for 9 whole months. We compensated with sparkles on the backpack, headband and twinkle-toe shoes that are so bright they might give me a seizure.

Here are our proud pictures!

Charlie - Pre-school

Simon (2nd) and Talya (K)
Annie (never allowed to go to school or leave home)

Along with school, I had my most recent check-in with my neuro oncologist and my latest MRI looks good. I've had no further symptoms or episodes, which are all good signs and I've regained all my energy (except the energy loss that I sustained upon having a fourth child - apparently that's permanent).

So, I guess I'm fit to resume my agenda-signing, reading-chart-signing, homework-helping, lunch-packing, schedule-remembering, appointment-making-and-cancelling, nap-time-enforcing duties. Good thing Ben is around a lot to help with that!

Brazil status remains as it was. We have days where we feel hope that it could happen soon, but most days indicate that we'll be waiting on paperwork processes for a while still. We are working on waiting; using our time well without filling our life up. Please keep praying for us in all of this.

I wanted to tell you something funny but I can't think of anything right now.


  1. Y'all are an inspiration to me of a family integrating missions work in daily life. Keep on furthering Gods Kingdom through your daily's. God will make a way to go to Brazil when He sees time. - Alicia

    P.S. I look forward to reading your posts. Always fills me with a hope of how I want to and will live my life, God willing... I realize it is Matthew 28.

  2. Please don't tell me that 4th child energy loss is permanent.