Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Happiest House on Earth - it could be yours!

Or, at least in the Miami Valley.

One of our big things as we consider moving to the global south is what to do with our things. It's tricky, because we are really not "stuff" people, and so there's a huge part of us that wants to sell or give away it all. If you walked through right now and said, "hey I like that bowl," I'd probably give it to you. But, like I said, it is tricky. Because though we have a *plan,* we can't depend on our plan. One bad MRI and I'll be back in Ohio trying to find which Good Will my winter coat ended up.

So, do we store, sell, give away, rent, trash? And all the sentimental value of our happy home is just so much more valuable right now, you know?

In my mind, I've given the house and everything in it to God already. I've even told Him that if we need to sell it, I'll paint the walls beige. (Wow, that's as painful a sentence to type as it was to pray.)

It's a bright, open, cheery, happy home that is full of amazing memories and has enough room for 4 active children and all the relatives that visit. (3 bedrooms, 3 baths, mostly finished huge basement with an extra room that is technically NOT a bedroom) We love it and hope the next person (permanent or temporary) loves it too and can make their own happy memories here.

If you or someone you know wants to see it, just let us know. We're open on the rent vs. buy and furnished vs. unfurnished issues. And if you paint the walls beige, I'll cry, but I understand.  Not everyone loves billboard green and peacock blue, but in my opinion, everyone should try.

Look at that giant table that Ben built! It was where the Beebe family ate Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm probably going to paint it soon. I'm thinking.... red?

I even cleaned my kitchen enough to show you.

And, seriously? I love our neighborhood, our city, our region, and our state. Yeah, it's cold in the winter and hot in the summer, but weather isn't everything. Fairborn is cheap, friendly, easy to get around and as long as we live in the States, it's where I would want to be. Well, either here or Lake George.

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  1. This may be just the push to get me to move to OH. Oh wait, but you guys won't be there. Ugh! Nevermind!