Friday, May 31, 2013

School is out!

Today marked the last day of school!  We officially have a boy that is ready for 2nd grade and a girl who is ready for KG!

All day I have been fighting back tears, as I think of the many ways the Lord has guided us over the last 175 school days.  I've also been fighting back the tears as I think of how awesome our kids are.  I'm not bragging, I just feel blessed! 

At the start of the year, Annie was just a month old.  We were up with her at least 3 times a night.  Susie was just starting her 3rd week of radiation and she continued on for a total of over 6 weeks.  I stepped down from my role as Global Director of Athletes in Action.  We took the family and headed to Lake George for a few weeks.  After we returned, Susie started her 6 rounds of chemo, with the end of the first round putting her in the hospital for a few days.  We celebrated Thanksgiving out on the deck and resumed all the normal Christmas activities.  We then headed to Boston where we started my Doctoral program at Gordon-Conwell.  As we came home we received great news about an MRI.  Then our thoughts began to shift towards Brazil.  We enjoyed a fabulous time in Cabo and have been home since, and marched towards the finish line of chemo, celebrating Susie and trying to put things in motion for a hopeful relocation to Brazil.  

In the midst of all that chaos, our kids enjoyed the routine, the normalcy and the family of school.  Every day we had school pick up and drop-off, three total.  We had reading and homework.  We had field trips and special programs.  We had to sign the agenda/planner daily.  We memorized verses, did math facts and even memorized all 50 states and where they are located on a map!  Our kids loved every minute of it.  Thank you to everyone at BLS who made this year so enjoyable for them.  To their teachers, their friends, their friend's parents, administrators and staff.  Thank you! 

Thanks again to many of you who have allowed our kids and us to enjoy a "normal" year in the midst of chaos.  Thanks to the Lord for the great things He has done.  

As we pulled out of school today, I couldn't help but be thankful.  I was also wondering, what school will be like for the next few years, hopefully, in Brazil.  Our hope and prayer is that our kids and our family enjoy being part of the school family there as much as we have here. 

School is out for the summer.  As Simon says, with the move to Brazil, we may get a longer summer than usual! 

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  1. All I can say is the Holt Family loves the Thomas Family! We have been blessed by you all. In the short amount of time we got to spend together God used you all in big ways in our lives. We are so grateful. We continue to keep you all in prayer.