Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chemo Round 5 - read at your own risk!

Last night started Susie's 5th round of chemo.  I have to say we are off to some start.  I must warn you this post is a little gross.

As I type this to you, Susie, Sy, Talya & Charlie all have "puke" buckets next to their beds.  Talya & Charlie vomited yesterday, Sy & Susie today.  Annie has a nasty diaper rash.   I'm supposed to be writing a paper this week for my Doctoral program.  We'll see how that goes.  It's a little hard to concentrate with all the puke chasing! 

As you think of it, would you please lift our family up in prayer.  I'm praying the Lord would cleanse the house of sickness tonight and allow for a good week for Susie's 5th round. 

Thank you to each of you have been praying for my dad, our friend in Budapest and our friend's brother in Ivory Coast.  My dad is at home and starting his recovery.  Our friend in Budapest and her baby in the womb are doing well.  My friend's brother in Ivory Coast is still in jail with no sign of a court date. 

Thanks for praying for us, our family and our friends. 


  1. Hi Ben, Susie & kiddos. I wish I was there with you all to help out (yes even though you all have the buckets next to you!). Mitch and I are keeping you all in our prayers and are believing with you all for your home to be clear of sickness! Also for Annie's diaper rash! Poor thing. Hugs and so much love & prayers to you all. We miss you very much. 2 weeks with the Thomas family just wasn't enough. Praying! We will have our church pray too!!
    Elisa & Mitch

  2. Dear Ben And Sus,

    We love you and we are with you with our prayers. God will give strength to go through it and bless you for what you have suffered. We bless you in the name of Jesus Christ with the blessings in heaven. Really appreciate Ben for taking care of Susan.