Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prayers Requested

Thanks for the many ways you have prayed for us over the last year.  Today, we ask that you pray for a few people that are close to us.

  1. Please pray for a co-worker's brother in Ivory Coast.  He has been wrongfully imprisoned because of his political views/affiliations by the current party.  Please pray for his release and a a quick trial date.
  2. Please pray for one of Susie's friends in Budapest.  She is pregnant and recently discovered a growth in her body.  Please pray for God's peace to be with her and her husband, her kids, and her parents who have traveled to be with her.  Please pray that God would spare her child that is in the womb.  Please also pray for a healing of this growth.  
  3. Please pray for my (Ben's) dad.  On Monday, the 25th, he will be having open heart surgery for 2 arteries that are currently blocked.  We are thankful the doctors were able to find this before it resulted in a heart attack.  Please pray for God's healing hand to be with him as he goes through surgery and the 2 month recovery process.  Please also pray for my mom and my brother as they deal with the stresses that come with this.  
Thanks again for your prayers.