Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick hi!

My word, I am tired! Just wanted to say a quick hi and thank you to all of you praying for us. For sure, the fatigue that is supposed to come with radiation has hit. And Ben and I have each caught some sort of bug. Ben's about done, just in time to give me a break as it hits me hard. We've been blessed by friends who have helped/are helping us get through. My good friend Adrianne is in town for the next few days and will take super good care of all of us while I hide in my room and sleep.

Annie is a gem. Really, such a sweet, easy-going little one. I am praying, praying, praying that she will start sleeping all night long. Ben has taken over the night time feedings, and while he swears he doesn't mind, I know he could use the extra energy. He's got some busy days ahead with work, and his wife is pretty needy :)

It's weird, at radiation. We see the same people every day, and don't know each other well, but still share a little bond. A couple patients have celebrated the end of their treatment, and I just feel such a mixture of sadness that we won't be seeing them anymore, but still "I hope I never see you again!" because I want this treatment to be the end of their journey with cancer.

Ahhh. Time for bed. Love!


  1. I've loved following your story of hope! Friends of Shannon Core. So thankful treatment has gone as well as it has. Your family is beautiful! Love, Amanda

  2. Praying right along with you and for you! Annie is absolutely precious. :) And I love how Talya is looking at her in that picture!

  3. So glad to hear the updates...and Susie, you look just lovely...I cannot believe you look so radiant with all that has been going on! Praise God for sustaining you from Iowa

    ps...your kids are adorable :)