Sunday, September 9, 2012

9 more to go!

Today was a special day.  Sy's 7th birthday.  What a great kid!  What a blessing the Lord has given us with him.  This weekend was fun as we celebrated him.  Star Wars themed everything - party, cupcakes, gifts, etc.  He is so much fun to celebrate!

It was also a reminder of God's goodness, as Susie was able to fully participate in what she loves to do - planning the birthday parties, making them so creative, and giving her creativity to her children.  As we started the process of treatment, one of the things we were sad about the most was the thought of Susie being completely out of it, when Sy's birthday came around.

Well, the Lord has sustained her, helped her and allowed her to enjoy the richest blessings in her life over the last 5 weeks - her kids.  She's been able to love on Annie, Talya, Charlie and Sy and it's been a joy to see.  She's still a great mom and uses whatever energy she has to love on them. 

We have 9 more treatments to go.  5 days this week and 4 next week.  Thanks for your continued prayers for Susie and our family.  We are praying that she finishes well.  The treatments do what they are supposed to do, and the Lord brings a total and complete healing to her. 

Going to treatment every day has been a blessing.  We see the same people each day and it's been a very loving community.  The fellow patients, technicians, doctors and support staff.  Susie does an incredible job of letting her light shine through her.  She brings a smile to each of their faces.  Please keep our treatment community in your prayers especially as we finish.  

As you pray, please also keep our family in your prayers.  The last few days, I've been battling a cold, and am hoping it stays away from Susie and the kids.  Praying that this goes away fast, even though its already been a few days. 

Thanks again for praying for us, caring for us and loving us.  We continue to be amazed at how many people are praying and reaching out to us all over the world.  God's love, grace and mercy are new each day and we continue to be awed, thankful and humbled by Him and each of you.