Monday, August 6, 2012

Radiation day 1

I'm laying in bed nursing Annie for what may be the last time. (so, obvi, this is Susie.) As soon as my chemo scrip is ready and I pop the first pill, I have to end this sweet part of my life. I'm not going to lie - that is super sad for me. I'm not scared of formula, I'm just going to miss the gift of being the only one in the world who can give Annie what she needs every three hours.

With that, here are some more specific things you can join me in praying for. Ben will now be responsible for night duty, so I'm asking for rest for him and an easy transition for Annie to the bottle.

Below is a picture of me in my radiation mask. Isn't it creepy? I'm praying I don't freak out, because it is so tight and makes 45 minutes in an MRI seem like a vacation. I'm also hoping I don't sneeze, cough or have a seizure while wearing it because then I'd really lose it. (and possibly break my nose?)

The treatments are short though.

Ben and I snuck away for a little date last night which was great. Simon watched Annie while my mom gave talya a bath :)

Well, here goes. Thanks for praying. Oh and I was just kidding about breaking my nose. That shouldn't happen.

Whatever may pass and whatever comes before me, let me be singing when the evening comes!


  1. "He will watch over your comings and goings, both now and forevermore."

  2. Ben and Susie,

    You have been so faithful and strong. I pray for strength and healing as you approach this new stage. May you know God's sweet presence and peace!


  3. Hi Susie,

    It's Claire Moon's friend, Kimberly! I've been following what God is doing in your lives since Claire told me about the diagnosis. Speechless. I see the strength, courage and resolve the Lord must give people during times like this. I've been praying for you guys since. Thank you for inviting us in on this journey and for giving us the opportunity to give back either in prayer or financially. Please say hi to Ben. Congratulations on Annie's arrival.


  4. loving you and holding you before our King from afar...

  5. We are all right here with you along your journey through this Radiation process. You have our love and support and anything else you could possibly want or need. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers always. Enjoy Love and life for everything it is capable of being:)
    ~~The Radiation Therapists at KMC.