Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7th update

Thanks so much for your prayers.  Today was non-stop, but we were thankful for many things:

  • Thankful that Susie's MRI yesterday, did not show any growth in her tumor!!!  Praising the Lord for this.  
  • Thankful that baby Annie is growing at a good rate.  Susie is 33 weeks today!  
  • Thankful for a great medical team - oncologists, radiation oncologists, ob's, neurosurgeons, neurologists - and all of their support teams.  Very thankful for the service and wisdom of each one.
  • Thankful for the continued generosity of others.  We were referred to a local attorney to help us with some paperwork.  I met with him on Tuesday and he told me he was going to do all of our work free of charge!    
  • Thankful for some next steps.  
    • When Susie hits 37 weeks, we'll have another MRI.  If that is clear, we will look to deliver Annie around 39 weeks.  If the MRI is not clear, then we'll deliver soon after the MRI.  
    • After delivery, Susie will begin her radiation treatment.  
  • Thankful for each of you who care about us, encourage us and pray for us!  
Going to bed after a long day, very thankful.  

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