Thursday, March 15, 2012

A full week

This week has been full.  We saw so many of our friends and colleagues with Athletes in Action at a conference that was held at our headquarters in Xenia.  It was a joy and blessing to be with so many from our staff family.  Thanks to each of you for the encouraging words, hugs and shows of support and love.  It was a true blessing for us.

This week has also been full of doctor's appointments - neuro-oncologists in Indianapolis, a radiation oncologist in Dayton, and our beloved OB tomorrow.  Through it all God continues to give us wisdom and peace as we seek a treatment plan.  We've been encouraged by what we've been learning and are feeling better and better about the options for treatment that are before us.  Thanks for praying for us about this.

This week also marks one of the favorite weekends of the year in the Thomas home - the start of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championships.  I must admit, Susie tends to get more excited about the brackets than I do.  It's great to see some "normal" things return to our life. 

Today marks Susie hitting 21 weeks in the pregnancy.  We thank God for each week she progresses. 

Thanks again for all your prayers and encouragement.  Susie and I have been so touched by all of you who have reached out to us - the ones we know and the ones we have yet to meet.  Thank you. 



P.S.  Susie and I had the chance to share with our staff a few days ago at Athletes in Action.  We hope to post the video soon. 

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