Friday, March 30, 2012

Family Vacation

Well, after all that has transpired over the last 8 weeks, I think our family is ready for a vacation!

Thanks to friends who have helped in a variety of ways, we are surprising the kids tomorrow morning and taking them to Disney World!  We can't wait.  Susie and I have always wanted to do this trip with the kids, but we kept putting it off.  No more putting it off.  Tomorrow we will enjoy a week in Disney and we are so excited.  Thanks to each one who has helped us get there.  If we are not too exhausted, we will try to post some pictures from the trip. 

The last 2 weeks we have experienced a new level of normal.  Only 1 doctors visit, and Baby Annie is doing well.  Our friend, Wendi and her son Owen, came to spend time with us, and that was great.  We celebrated Susie's birthday, which was a lot of fun.  I made a list of things I needed to do before we take off and I was able to finish each one.  This was the first time I've made a list since Susie's surgery.  For those of you that know me, you know how rare this is.  Susie saw the Hunger Games with friends, and then she took me to see it last night.  Susie volunteered at Sy's school and they both loved it.  We have started a few projects around the house as well.  We have confirmed a "family assistant" for the summer.  This is a huge blessing and it was confirmed this evening.  I gave the boys haircuts.  Charlie had hand-foot-mouth.  I went to the dentist.  We've argued a few times and have made up!  Susie is exercising again at they Y daily.  I even joined her once in the deep end of the pool - another rarity!  We went out on a few dates.  Life has been normal, and it feels great.

As we continue to trust the Lord with next steps and the 'areas of concern' in Susie's brain, we continue to rest in Him and enjoy the moments He has for us.  Our prayer is that Susie would be able to make it to 36 weeks (late June) before delivering Anna.  Between now and then, we pray God would allow us to enjoy each of these normal moments as a family. 

Thanks for continuing to pray for us, encourage us and support us.  We'll never truly be able to express our thanks for every note, act of service, encouraging word, monetary donation or prayer.  We have been blessed by the Lord in so many ways, and every time we receive one of those things, it's a vivid reminder of His faithfulness to us through each of you. 

We pray that God would meet each of you right where you are and you would sense His love for you in real and tangible ways. 

The bags are packed and now it's time for bed. 




  1. How wonderful to get to do this trip! Still praying consistently for all of you and so glad to hear good news. :) Praying for a safe and wonderful time for your family this week!!!

  2. Have a GREAT time making memories that will last forever!!

    Kelly DeBardelaben <>< 8(:-D

  3. Thanks for putting it all in perspective...I mean that. =) I have been so grumpy and frustrated. Frustrated at slow people, frustrated at ten thousand people at costco. Frustrated at Petco for ending my buy 10 bags get 1 free just as I bought my tenth bag. Just irritated. And you know what... I am so thankful for "normal". Sometimes we who have our annoying complaints forget about those who just long for "normal". I hope you guys have a fantastic time at Disney and am always praying for suze and your family! =)

  4. from miles and miles away .......,we are a family who have been praying for susie ,ben and kids . we got to know ur family thru ur wonderful parents who extended their kindness by letting us stay at their home while we were on a visit to Newyork . their kindness really touched our hearts and even after we got back to India , we gratefully remembered them in our prayers . They had spoken of the children and grandchildren so delightfully....and at a later point when we got to hear about susie , we have been highly burdened to pray and we have been praying earnestly ever since and follow your blog to shape our prayers accordingly . But today we are sooooooo happy to hear about your vacation and we pray that you guys have a super duper time .