Monday, February 27, 2012

Ways to pray

As we start a new week, we wanted to thank you for the many ways you have all been praying for us.  Our goal this week is to hopefully make a decision on a treatment plan after our various meetings this week.  Please pray for us in the following ways:

  • For wisdom and unity as we process a lot of information to make a decision.  
  • Stamina - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as we go through various appointments
  • Joy in the process - with each other, our kids, the Lord and those we interact with
  • Our kids - that God would continue to allow them to feel secure, protect them and experience joy.
  • Susie & the baby- that God continues to allow them to recover from surgery.
Thanks for praying for us.  You are all a huge blessing.

In Him,

Ben & Susie


  1. Love the way you ask for joy in the process, Ben. Love you so much and of course-praying,praying,praying.

  2. You've got prayers being offered on your behalf here in Tunisia ....... I so admire your courage and Spirit!

  3. I am Shelly Sipes Snead's cousin. She posted your site on Facebook asking for prayers for you and the family. We will be prayers will be going up to the Lord for all of you, your family and friends.
    Juli Begley, Chattaroy, WA

  4. Wow - I feel God in this post - what an inspiration you are - I wish everyone could approach life with this kind of direction (I need to be more focused myself). I am definitely sending up prayers for you all.

  5. I can feel the Lord and His Holy Spirit guiding you every step of the way!! Been praying for days since I got your link and read all that is happening in your lives - you are a truly focused family whose course of action is total abandonment to God. What a blessing you are as you share your thoughts, and ask that we join in prayer with you for that wisdom, stamina and joy you so humbly ask for! Blessings!