Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Surgery Update
Susie's parents, brother John, and Ben were able to meet with Dr. Glickman, Susie's neurosurgeon, post-surgery. He said the surgery went well, that Susie responded well throughout, and he was pleased with the removal of the tumor. However, the preliminary pathology report came back inconclusive. This means that we still will not know if the tumor is cancerous or not, until the end of this week at the earliest.

The Beebes and Ben will be able to see Susie tonight. The doctor emphasized that the next few days need to be focused on Susie's recovery. Therefore, she will not be able to have visitors outside of the immediate family until further advised.

Thank you all for your prayers, facebook messages, emails, calls, texts, etc. There is no question that the Thomas and Beebe families feel loved!

At this moment, Susie is headed to ICU for a few days of recovery there.

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