Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just an update

Hey all,

Thank you so much for the many ways you have all been reaching out to us - continued prayers, calls, texts, meals, gifts, babysitting, cleaning our home, doing laundry, etc.  Thank you.  Susie and I feel so blessed by your generosity and love towards us.  Thank you.

This week has been the closest we've had to a normal week in awhile.  Part of that has been no doctor's visits, part of it has been Susie doing a little better, part of it has been help from other people. 

We will meet with our OB team on Monday and our surgeon on Wednesday next week to review the 2 options of radiation treatment that our oncologist has recommended.  The radiation treatment will be a 6-week adventure.  The two options are:

  • Begin radiation treatment in the next few weeks, while trying to shield the baby. 
  • Have Susie do MRI's every 2 weeks, to monitor the progress of the tumor/cancer.  If there is no progression of the tumor/cancer then have the baby early, and then start radiation treatment after that.  If there is progression of the tumor/cancer, then begin radiation immediately.  
Each of the options have pros/cons associated with them for Susie and the baby.  We are praying that the Lord would grant us peace and wisdom as we approach making a decision.

Thanks again for your love, support, prayers and encouragement.  Susie and I continue to feel blessed by you and by the Lord.  God continues to remain good and faithful and true in the midst of these circumstances.  We look forward to the many more ways He will be with us as we take each step in this journey.




  1. Our love and prayers continue for you, that the Lord will continue to strengthen and uphold you, guide you, and fill you with His peace. My coworkers here at Myrtle Grove Christian School are standing with me in prayer for you and they send their love as well. Isn't the family of God a blessing? :)

  2. Ben and Susie,
    We are praying for you continually, that the Lord would miraculously heal Susie and that he would fill your hearts and family with His peace. Thank you for letting us know the decisions you face. I am praying for clear direction and discernment for you on the best options for radiation and for His protection of your baby. I am confident that He will show you the way that is best.
    Love you both,
    Lisa Reutener

  3. Praying for continuous protection of your minds, souls and family. Praying for that baby, and lots for Sussie. May He carry you in His hands, may He cover you under His wings. Fly with His wings! Love you,

    Ruben & Lidia

  4. Susie and Ben - I'm praying the Lord will give you wisdom, peace, strength, endurance, hope, and somehow in the midst of all this, joy. I'm thinking about you a lot and as the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night last night you were on my mind . . . I lifted you up to our Heavenly Father and will continue to do so. Much love to you and your precious family, Andrea for the Northingtons